Châu Á provides customers with optimum service at minimum cost. We always apply the latest techniques to ensure that customers’ documents will be translated perfectly and returned timely. These techniques include document management system update…….d all times and latest translation supporting software. Our translation process has 3 steps which will carefully examined: rough translation, reading and editing translations, and quality management.

+ Rough translation: Documents of customers will be delivered to translators experienced in required fields for translation.

+ Reading and editing translations: After rough translation, translations will be examined by editors in aspects of grammar and accuracy of translations. Regions have different customs and practices, so documents will be delivered to editors experienced in use of proper terms and terminology in such regions.

+ Quality Management: The objective of our quality control process is examining edited translations to ensure the best quality of translations. After completion, documents of customers will be certifie by our company for its accuracy as required. Accordingly, documents of customers will be valid legally.

In addition to professional translation services, Châu Á also provides interpreting services with high quality. Our company only recruits qualified interpreters for direct interpreting services. This means that you will definitely receive our services with best quality. We can provide interpreters who can do interpretation in all languages as requested by customers with the following types of translation:
+ Executive interpretation: interpreters will listen to native speakers saying paragraph-by-paragraph and then do paragraph-by-paragraph  interpretation.
+ Simultaneous translation: interpreters will listen to catch words said out by the speaker, try to understand and do translations in parallel with words of indigenous people. Simultaneous interpretors always open mouth few seconds after words said out by the speaker.
+ Interpretation through telephones: this is also a common form of translation nowadays. If you need to communicate by phones with customers or partners who are not native Vietnamese, this type of interpretation will be prefered and selected.